Mil // short docu // 2021

Concept, Directing & Editing.

Documentary about a mother and her daughter looking back at the impact addiction has made on their family.

Directors note:

I wanted to make a documentary in which my mother would play a part. I don't know exactly why but I just felt I wanted to do this. We talked about helping people with our stories. For me and her it felt like we had to forget my uncle (Mil) because he died so badly. I do not pass judgment on the decisions made at that time. But he was as much family and we mourned as much for him as for any other relative. No matter how bad the story is of someone passing away, it is part of life.

A challenge was definitely working with my mom because the subject of the film was super heavy for her. I knew beforehand how hard it was and could be for her. I prepared myself with assuming that this would limit me in what I wanted to get out of the documentary. But even knowing this it was like; "fuck it let's just try it." Because I really believed in this documentary and the way I wanted to approach it. It was, by the way, not planned that I was also shown in the film. We were shooting the first take and I noticed my mom had a really hard time opening up. So then I thought, I can also do the interview with her in front of the camera, and decided to do it.

The aspect I'm the most proud of is raising such an intense and personal subject with my mother. This was very heavy for the both of us, but I still sometimes can't fathom that we were able to make this documentary together.

Edit & concept: Kim de Bruijn
D.O.P & Grading: Niels Lockhorst


︎ Ifilmfestival

A Place Called Home // Experimental short film  // 2023

Writing & Directing

Nick's quest for true love centers on Dani, whom he seeks to capture with his camera. During a night together, he feels detached. An emotional car ride leads to a heated argument. In a panicked moment, Nick accidentally injures Dani. As he contemplates, a ringing phone replaces her. Dani, in a restaurant restroom, cries while telling her friend that her date named Nick never showed up.


This project stands as an illustration of the connection between our internal feelings and the world we perceive around us. It serves as a truth that our internal landscape has the power to shape the reality we experience externally. Every intention, passion and emotion come together to create a masterpiece that reflects not only our creativity but also our inner essence. In the heart of this process lies the realization that our internal feelings do more than shape the external world – they mold a place we call home.

Let this be a constant reminder that our journey towards creating a home begins within ourselves. By nurturing our thoughts, cultivating positivity, and embracing authenticity, we not only shape the world around us but also construct a sanctuary where we can truly belong.

Writer & Director: Kim de Bruijn
Producer: Artem Koganovski
Assistant Producer: Nina Smythe
First Assistant Director: Jarno de Groot
Director of Photography: Niels Lockhorst
Production Design: Denizay Ögmen, Kim de Bruijn
Editor: Mikail Roqué
Composer: Eveline Ypma

Nick: Ibrahim Naji
Dani: Mila Banis

Production assistant: Pia Schmidt
Assistant Camera: Gijs Bijl
Light: Jarno de Groot
Sound Operators: Joris Prakken, Dovydas Raudonis
Make-up: Joshua Grabbe, Jasleen Kumar
Colorist: Niels Lockhorst
Sound Design: Gijsbert Ambachtsheer
Photographer: Jesse Stada
Title Design: Kim de Bruijn


︎ Cinemagazine 


Dimittere // Short drama film  // 2024

Producer and Casting Director

Dimittere is a supernatural drama that explores the theme of saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed away or will soon pass away, and the struggle to accept this loss. This profound topic is illustrated through the story of Vona, who encounters Death, also known as the Grim Reaper at her front door and has a conversation. Will Vona be able to accept this loss?



Isis Caljé
Father Vona:
Peter Arnoud
Grim reaper:
Sophie Serraris


Writer & Director: Jason  Soares Aguiar
Producer: Kim de Bruijn
Executive producers: Jason Soares Aguiar en Ivo van Leeuwen
First Assistant Director: Nils Swibben
Director of Photography: Ivo van Leeuwen
Script continuity: Sam Sibarani
Casting director: Kim de Bruijn
Production Designer/Art Director: Rick van der Tuin
Set Dresser: Jonah Sluimer
Editor: Jason  Soares Aguiar
Composer: Ilan Bedner
Production assistant: Arron Degener
First Assistant camera: Denise Wuijster
Second Assistant Camera: Bram Lansbergen
Key Grip: Daan Nagel
Gaffer: Joey van Bree
Best Boy: Olivier Cleijpool
Best Boy: Job van Dam
Head of Sound: Max Baasten
Sound Operators: Davide
Costume designer: Iris Brussee
Make-up: Jasleen Kumar, Selina Wijnands
Colorist: Jason Soares Aguiar/Ivo van Leeuwen
Still photographer: Lotte van de Kerkhoff

Aan De Kant // Short docu // 2021

Production & Colorgrading 

Pjotr, a 15-year-old young man, frequently enjoys spending his free time fishing in the vicinity of his home. He stands apart from his peers by consciously choosing to disregard social media. While social media and technology often hold a significant presence in the lives of children and adolescents, Pjotr's example teaches us that it doesn't have to be the only way.

Colorgrading stills

One in four young people exhibit problematic smartphone use, which may indicate declining mental health. A study by King's College London found that 23 percent of children and young adults have concerning relationships with their smartphones. Those who allocate more time to activities like sports and homework tend to experience fewer psychological issues. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that numerous factors, including genetics and upbringing, play a role in mental health. Moreover, the specific online activities and social connections of young people likely have a more substantial impact on their psychological well-being than screen time alone. Monitoring and fostering an interest in both the online and offline worlds of young people are essential.

D.O.P & production: Evan van Overbeek
Edit & D.O.P: Joysi Olijhoek
Color grading & production: Kim de Bruijn
Behind the scene & production: Kursat Akyuz
Music: Daniel Hart - Uncertain